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Wentzville School District COVID Reopening Plan

The Wentzville School District is committed to the health and safety of our students, staff, and community. This resource will be updated regularly as we receive new information related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the St. Charles County Department of Public Health, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


July 12, 2025

Local school districts monitoring coronavirus developments

...“We have developed talking points and resources for our school nurses and we are sharing information with families as we normally would during cold and flu season,” the spokesperson said. “We are trying to be proactive should there be a case in the state.”...


August 7, 2020

List of Colleges NOT Requiring SAT Scores

...Since the coronavirus pandemic, many schools have actually updated their admissions policy to reflect the current challenges of taking the SATs and ACTs safely. Regardless of a pandemic, test optional policies are a growing trend in admissions guidelines, which allow students to decide whether or not to include their SAT or ACT scores in their college application.


May 28, 2020