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FT Care Network

Embracing holistic education, we're dedicated to supporting students beyond academics and empowering parents to join their child's learning journey.

Welcome to FT Care Network!


Meet Mr. Jonathan Lin, Co-Founder of Faith Tutoring

(ACTA, CAP, ICAgile, AlignDISC™) 


With over a decade of experience as a motivational speaker, team-building specialist, and life skills/soft skills curriculum trainer for both youths and adults, Jonathan has seamlessly transitioned from the corporate sector to charity organizations and is currently working at Temasek Polytechnic as a Community Engagement professional.


As a former youth lead worker at En Community Services Society, he brings his wealth of knowledge to his role as a non-academic support for parents and at Temasek Polytechnic, supporting mid-careerists in their job search journey

We provide the following services for students keen to find out on:

  • Choosing your subject/course for Higher Learning (Polytechnics, ITE's, Private Institutions) - For Sec. 3 to 5 only

  • Understand the Future of Work ('My Future Career') and Skill Set Required - For Sec. 4 to 5 only.

  • DiSC Personal Profiling / Career Coaching etc. - For Sec. 1 to 5.

We provide the following services for parents keen to know more on:

  • Parenting Tips & Strategies (Such as webinars, informal 'kopi talk, toast walk' session etc)

  • Parent Support Network (to be jointly conducted by external service provider)

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