FaithTutoring is a tutoring service that offers both online and in-person sessions. By searching our website, parents and students can see a "Book A Class"  tab and an "Applicaton" tab. In order to book a class, an Application for tutoring must be completed, whether it is via the online application through the website or emailed to contact@faithtutoring.com using a PDF. Once an application is sent, parents and students can call FaithTutoring or email FaithTutoring at contact@faithtutoring.com with the dates and times that the student wants to schedule, the courses the student wants to take, and the type of session the student wants to book. One the applictaion is submitted and an appointment time and date is selected, a member of our staff will email you the payment link through the Square payment service. If a question arises during the completion of the application and booking process please contact FaithTutoring and a member of our staff would be happy to walk you through the process over the phone or through email!

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How does FaithTutoring work?

Depending on the schedule of the tutor and the dates requested, the chance of working with the same tutor is likely. However, if your tutor is unavailable, FaithTutoring has a variety of tutors all passionate and ready to help you.

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Can I get the same tutor?
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Most Zoom online sessions will be recorded with written consent by the students, can be posted online on our website or YouTube. We do this to allow our students to reference questions they have from their own work and for students to get video assistance to help them in their coursework. 

Can I review my previous sessions?

FaithTutoring offers all Math, English, Science, and Social Studies courses Grades K - 8, has a variety of high school courses and electives. For a full list of the courses offered, click the link below.

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What can I get help with?
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How can I become a tutor?

Go to the staff page of our website and submit an application. After doing so, wait for the manager of our staff to contact you to set up and interview!

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
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The minimum time that FaithTutoring offers is a 15 minute session for quick homework help and quick questions. This plan is an online only session called"I'm Stuck" and costs $12. 

FaithTutoring offers many ways to accept payment. The most common and preferred way to pay is virtually through the Square payment system. Debit and credit cards can be swiped with the Square magistripe card reader (however American Express is not accepted). Venmo and Cash App can be used as well. 

How can I pay for the sessions?
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